API Overview
DBot API helps you build Web3 Dapps or query and fetch on-chain data in real-time. We provide a number of standardized Web3 RESTful APIs that are optimized for access rates, allowing you to quickly and instantly access any on-chain data, including Token and NFT metadata, holders, holdings distribution, wallet balances, approval history, transfer history, and more!
We provide all APIs free of charge, and unlimited access rate, i.e. unlimited QPS, all you need is to register and login to DBot (no credit card required), detailed requirements can be found on this page: Forever Free Plan
Our Advantages
  • Fast
    Global RPC data nodes, also with the special GPU acceleration technology
  • Unlimited
    All APIs support unlimited QPS
  • Flexible
    Data responses that can be arbitrarily combined/customized and support programming
  • Free
    Included in the Forever Free Plan
  • Why DBot is free? and how?
  • Compared with all current on-chain data query providers, DBot not only provides the classic and standardized Web3 RESTful API, but also includes the industry's leading Webhook monitoring push interface and highly integrated fully automatic plug-ins, includes plug-in functions for Discord, Telegram, X (Twitter) and other platforms. All these basic services will be provided by DBot for free. At the same time, for users with more professional and in-depth needs, DBot will also provide the highest quality value-added data monitoring services at a lower market price.
  • Being able to provide blockchain data monitoring services at a lower market price is because DBot has leading GPU-driven data processing technology. With the support of large-scale GPU clusters, it has achieved unimaginable real-time data processing scale and performance, thereby providing a wide range of data monitoring services.
  • DBot first originated from our GPU laboratory in the university, when blockchain technology was just emerging. However, unlike the earlier POW era, GPU technology was widely used to increase the income of chain nodes, from the beginning, the research direction and goal of our GPU laboratory has been to apply the powerful hardware parallel computing power of GPU to the data processing acceleration of traditional databases, which is also called GPU database (it is still a cutting-edge research field in computer science. It has not been widely commercialized yet).
  • Through a pure GPU-driven database engine and large-scale GPU hardware cluster deployment (of course, although it is similar to the current hot AI technology, blockchain data can also achieve extremely high gain acceleration on non-AI dedicated GPU cores. So we did not use the expensive NVIDIA H100, but a large number of more cost-effective NVIDIA RTX4090/RTX4080 and other series of game graphics cards). Different from the traditional CPU programming big data development architecture, DBot uses nearly 100% GPU programming to achieve parallel computing and processing of massive blockchain data, and apply it to the fields of API query and WEBHOOK monitoring of blockchain data.
  • Compared with traditional CPU programming, pure GPU programming and system architecture development are much more complex. However, after a long period of development and accumulation, DBot finally achieved a balance between cost and performance, and can support real-time monitoring of billions or even tens of billions of blockchain data, and this is the basis why we are able to provide a wide range of free services and value-added services at very low market prices.
  • Unlimited QPS, really?
  • Yes, although it sounds unbelievable, with the support of our cutting-edge GPU data-driven engine, more than one million QPS response performance is achieved under the acceleration of a single NVIDIA RTX4090 (which contains 16384 CUDA cores) graphics card (And in the future, with the upgrade and expansion of NVIDIA's GeForce series graphics card cores and the update and iteration of our GPU data processing engine, this value will have room for growth several times).
  • Therefore, based on our distributed GPU computing cluster, all APIs and Webhook interfaces of DBot provide unlimited QPS access. You no longer need to worry about the efficiency and performance of blockchain data sources.
  • How can I join the Forever Free Plan?
  • It is very simple to join the DBot forever free plan. You only need a simple registration (no credit card required). You can go to this page to view: Forever Free Plan
  • It should be noted that we sincerely provide a lifetime free plan for every pioneer who is brave enough to explore the world of blockchain and Web3, but please do not engage in malicious registration and illegal abuse, DBot will have special review and risk interception.
  • Can I get proactive on-chain monitoring data push?
  • Yes, in addition to passive API query, DBot also provides real-time on-chain data WEBHOOK push service. For details, please go to: Webhook
  • I have any suggestions or questions about other uses, how can I get in touch?
  • You can join our Discord and follow us on X (Twitter), our technical experts are happy to communicate with you, and the DBot family is eager to accompany you to explore the world of blockchain encryption:)